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TWS bluetooth earbuds transmitter signal issue

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Update time : 2020-03-02 11:48:09
As TWS itself is based on bluetooth technology to realize wireless phone, based on the bluetooth 4.2 protocol, calls range can be up to 100 meters, the new bluetooth 5.0 can reach 300 meters, but in actual use process, complex environment, the circuit itself, many problems, such as radio frequency interference, limiting its use distance;According to the measured data, the current mainstream used in the range of 10 meters, although at present has been upgraded to 5.0 protocol, without no interference in the open under the ideal environment for testing, although some manufacturers said distance can reach 30-40 meters, but in the practical application of the living environment, such as the subway, the airport, noisy street, the place such as exhibition, or occasionally appear bluetooth signal interruption phenomenon, which is why some consumers in the use of on the spot.So solve the problem on the transmission distance at present, still be the important problem that the industry needs to improve!
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