Brand Sotry
Brand Sotry

“C DAXU “Brand
What is life  , what is love ,what do u like and what do u want ?
Smile,trust ,love ,value ,dream ……everything is so beautiful ,but so much trouble ,so much problem in our heart .
We like to be happy , but it is filled with unhappy .We want black ,then get white .
When” C DAXU“comes to the world, it looks like the sun ,and sunshine everywhere ,she just wants to change , changes for what she can do ,try to do and do the promise .
Get a simple life with happiness , CU (see you) , not only a business ,not only a supplier ,not only a factory ,it is a friend ,a partner , a lover ,a family , it can be trusted ,can be loved ,can fix the trouble with u ,can come to you when u need .See you again and “C DAXU” and C-China!

I like your mode !