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About TWS earbuds IC chip bluetooth solution

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Update time : 2020-04-11 16:03:58
Now, about TWS bluetooth earphone, beside the famous brands to join, some small company are also competitive, all TWS wireless earbuds are trying to design, function, quality, price and other aspects to make a different advantage, to win the market.As we know that , some TWS bluetooth headset looked at similar in design,  but big difference in price, actually affect prices in addition to some basic functions and material factors, the most important factor is the IC chip solution, what is the main bluetooth solutions in the market for TWS bluetooth headset ? In no particular order, there is Actions, Blueturm, Wind tunnel,Jie li, Qualcomm, Airoha, Realtek, PIXART,BES, AppoTech, Broadcom, Cypress, UNISOC etc., each chip has its own unique advantages, so as to occupy a position in the market.

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